going for broke, here. After much disagreement with another site I decided to move to a new location. Since this is my very first post on new ground I’m just getting the hang of it, so bare with me. First, my name is Richard Youghn. No fear, no hesitation, I intend to write what I believe is true and make no apologies for it. The fact is, very few have the nerve anymore to say what they know from the past, what they were properly taught and what they have gleamed from experience to be true. Current standards have installed a degree of fear ranging from hurting feelings to downright serious, life changing situations. That detours truth and absolutely no one benefits. If you have tender feelings or if you tread lightly on the sidewalk of life then this ain’t the place for you, Bub. Right now, let me tell you a little of myself. I am 60 years old, a retired engineer who spent 40 years in the field and has put that behind him. Why? I’m over educated. Yes, I have an IQ of 172, I have the grades and degrees to prove all of that but it’s not the main issue here. Plenty of people walk around with BAs and have the sense God gave a retarded Billy Goat. I call them DAs with BAs. same goes for Masters and Doctors. Intelligence does not equal wisdom. Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge, ie Solomon not Hawking. I have debated religion and philosophy, although I do not possess a degree in theology I do understand what the Bible says and can discern its meaning. I hold no brook with cults and, frankly, feel they are a waste of time and energy since they need psychiatric and not theological help. Morals are a result of a proper philosophy, aligned with the individual, his relationships towards others and his position in the world. This comes about if, and only if, his relationship to his Maker, his God, is first and foremost established as it should be. The Bible guides us toward that goal so it is the authoritative Word of God and the only basis for establishing a moral philosophy. I do not make windows into mens’ souls but I do know when they are dead wrong in their beliefs and have strayed off the path. This is the beginning. Of course it won’t be all dry old Plato based stuff. just whatever interests me at the moment. Or ticks me off, depending.


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